Born: Glastonbury December 16th 2021.

Parents: Rayne and Gwinne Harmony.

Age: (2038) 17

Hair: Long thick blonde.

Eyes. Intense Violet

Height: 5ft 10in.

Build: Slender well toned beautiful.

          Amethyst is a woman of stunning beauty. Her bronzed complexion and long flowing blonde hair are noticed the moment you meet, and her intense violet eyes twinkle above the whitest smile you could ever want to see. She is a toned athletic woman, who loves nothing better than to swim, something she spends much of her time doing, in the lake just down from her home at Bell farm on the outer edge of Glastonbury.

          Life for her, with Crystal her sister is solitary, for they live under the veil, hidden from the dark forces and out of contact with most of the family. Runestone only can contact her, as she is the centre, and Amethyst loves nothing more than to lie quietly in bed at night listening to the conversations Rune has with her mother about life outside of the her hidden realm. Although very isolated she is very outgoing and has a bright and positive outlook on the world, she is quick to smile and can be very mischievous.

          Amethyst is very strong for her size and build, her ability in combat is most than substantial, and it is easy to see that she is from the line that contains Scarlet of Caerleon. Her chosen weapon is the short sword, although she is no slouch with a bow, of a long staff. Her powers run from the lines of the Fae of the moon, and her biggest sadness in life is the absence of her father, for Rayne was taken back to his people when she was little, and the rules of the Fae did not allow her mother to accompany him.

          She dreams of the moment when with her mother and sister she can leave her rural cottage and head north to join with her family, Until that time she prepares for a future not knowing of the destiny that awaits her.