Born: Aberdeen 14th July 2001 .

Parents: Douglas and Veronica Mackintosh.

Age: (2038) 37

Hair: Shaven bald.

Eyes: Brown.

Height: 6ft 5ins.

Build: Stocky and muscular.

              Angus is the younger brother of Rose, who chose to remain in Glentana when she left to bring aid to the people of Aberdeen. He was contented with the woodland estate life, and had married a young towns girl named Morag. When Mason Knox sent his troops to kill John Kennedy Forbes, Angus joined the fight to try and save the people. They were overwhelmed and all the people were slaughtered, Angus managed to get away with his two daughters and a few of the other men. His eldest daughter died on the journey to Aberdeen from a sword wound she had received from one of the attacking Cutters.

             He arrived in Stonehaven a broken man, and racked with grief with his youngest daughter Grace. Rose took him into the group and gave him the job of scouting out aid from others. Angus is found by Rowan on a scouting trip, as they searched for the castle where Alice was held prisoner. With help from Angus, Robbie frees Alice and set up communication between Loxley and Scotland.

             Angus is a stout and aggressive fighter, in his daily life he is a fun loving man with a large appetite for humor. He loves his daughter to which he displays a wealth of emotion. His greatest failing can be his stubborn personality, as he can dig in his heels over a simple matter to his own detriment.