Born: Congleton 2015

Parents: Paul and Caroline Ashford.

Age: (2038) 23

Hair: Short scruffy tangled matted black.

Eyes: Hazel.

Height: 5ft 9ins.

Build: Big heavy set.
Anthony is the complete opposite to his brother James. James got the beauty and the brains, whereas Anthony got the brawn and the beard. Anthony is big and strong and ideal for the lifting of heavy goods, a talent very useful when you need to fill a cart fast. He is a quiet man of few words, and his time is usually spent around the animals, there can be times when they smell less that Anthony who is not noted for his hygiene.

Anthony has other talents that baffle and confused many of the group, his ability to find dozens of fresh eggs no matter where they are based defies all logic. He is tolerant to all smells, and where as the rotting carcass of a dead animal will offend the noses of most, Anthony appears quite unaffected.

Anthony is a polite country lover with great stealth skills and a brutal temper when attacked, he spends his time lost in his own thoughts, or watching out for others, something Jett notice's and become quite use too.

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