Born: Loxley 2003.

Parents: Michael and Belinda Styles.

Age: (2038) 35

Hair: Bald.

Eyes: Bright blue.

Height: 6ft 2ins.

Build: Big heavy set man.
John Styles is a typical local lad. He is hard working and loves nothing better than to sit in the evening surrounded by friends swapping stories and consuming ale. He is a man of tremendous humor, with a deep rolling belly laugh that makes him popular with all. John is a big man and very strong, attribute gained from a life working at Lox Farm in the fields with the heavy horses and ploughs.

John is a very good shot with a bow, but his brute strength make him a formidable swords man and he is not afraid to enter a fight. His loyalty to the family that have employed him all his working life is fierce, and in the case of Runestone, he has a tremendous loyalty to defend and protect her.

John is not well educated, all he has learned has been on the job, he struggles with writing and can only real the simplest of words, although he can spot the symbol for ale at a great distance. John is great friends with Martin, and both of them harbor a soft spot for young Eric who they take under their wing and protect.

John is immensely fond of Alice, he has known her all her life on the farm, and he enjoys joking around her, he secretly keeps an eye on her for her father and in many fights he has watched her back and defended her.

Big John is big, bad and bald, with an ample belly and an arm like a sledge hammer he holds a position of great respect and is admired by many of the towns folk.

(Big John)
Big John Artwork provided by Rin Morgan © 2010 all rights reserved by HTTK Robin John Morgan