Born: Glastonbury May 2nd 2017.

Parents: Rayne and Gwinne Harmony.

Age: (2038) 21

Hair: Snow white and feathery, past shoulder.

Eyes. No pigment, two black circles with dots

Height: 5ft 8in.

Build: Slender with stregnth.

Veiled to all
           Crystal looks and feels separated from the rest of the world. Her gifts from her family line are the gifts of winter, and although she uses them with great skill, her hands are a curse to her, as they will freeze the heart of any human she touches. Most of the time she wears long white gloves, to protect any who surround her, and deep inside she hates the power she holds as she longs for human contact. Crystal like her sister can have a dry sense of humour, although it seldom shows through her skeptical nature. Life for her is spent at home, and she is very much a home bird who has accepted the life she lives far from contact with most of the family. Life is spent sat reading and doing crafts to pass the long hours, although her ability to sculpt ice is beyond most talents.

It is seldom she has company, although she has a strong internal power that at times can reach out and contact some of the others, in these times she will talk for hours as she takes the chance to gossip about the world outside. Rune often ponders the power of Crystal, as Crystal was the first to communicate with Ruby, for whom she has a very strong bond. They have spent many hours talking and helping each other come to terms with their loneliness.