Born: Glentana Forest June 22nd 2021.

Parents: Angus and Morag Mackintosh.

Age: (2038) 17

Hair: Should length Jet black straight.

Eyes: Pale Blue.

Height: 5ft 3ins.

Build: Slender and toned.

                 Grace is delicate looking, and tends to be a little pale, a symptom of living under ground. She is not the strongest of people, yet she is agile and brave. She is a natural gymnast who trains hard to be stronger and better, she has a great ability to bend and twist and it aids her against bigger opponents. Although she is always feeling under pressure she tries very hard to be a good leader of her woodland fighters

                 Grace is very close to Rose, In many ways she has become the mother that Grace lost when the cutters attacked and destroyed Glentana, in their search for John Kennedy Forbes, as part of Mason Knox attempts to rid the country of historians. When her father traveled in search of his sister, Rose took her young niece under her wing and gave her duties beside herself, so that she could help her learn about their life around Stonehaven. When the Hooded man comes to their aid, Rose gives Grace the task of watching and protecting him and his party. Although frail looking Grace is skilled with a sword and a good shot with a bow. Grace uses her time to watch and learn from the Specialists, and notes down all of their tactics to use in the training of her own soldiers.

                 She wears a small silver Celtic cross given her by Rose. It is the symbol of who she is, and was a relic from Mary the last queen of Scots.