Born: Caerleon September 4th 2002.

Parents: Leenard and Opal Rimmer.

Age: (2038) 36

Hair: Long blonde, falls to back of knees.

Eyes. Intense blue

Height: 5ft 10ins.

Build: Slender and elegant.

Veiled to all
      Gwinne is the soft gentle quiet younger sister of Scarlet and Stephanie, she carries many of the qualities of her mother. Gwinne has the power of the spring time, and her gifts to the world are happiness and harmony. She is a skilled healer and can heal many bad wounds through her touch. She is an optimistic and caring person loves her family, home and her husband. It was a harsh fate she suffered when Rayne was ordered back to the realm of Fae and forced to leave her behind, and yet deep in her heart she feels she will be joined with him again and has an unshakable faith.

      Like her daughter Crystal, she wears many items of white, which are usually made by Crystal. Her clothes in the sunlight appear to dazzle the onlooker and give her a bright and fluorescent aura. Her task  is the protection of the lines of Pendragon, and she resides in Glastonbury, hidden from the world where she protects the heirlooms of his house. Her only contact with the outside of world is with Runestone, and they talk often about her family and the life of the woodland world, unknown to most, Gwinne is a close advisor to the young Rune who is still learning to control her powers.