Born of the Fae, the younger brother of Gwendolyn White Circle, Gwynfor is also known as The lord of the Isle.

He was born on the Violet Isle (Iona) and as is seen across all of Scotland as a Holy man of the old ways. It was Gwynfor who led his people away from the Violet Isle and into hiding after his sister was killed by the Dark One, who has hunted for him ever since.

Gwynfor was once married with children, and his daughter has a unique connection with England, as she was hidden from the Dark One in Loxley. Gwynfor is charged with the task of bringing his people back to the Isle of Violets, and he is very anxious to speak with Runestone.

Violet Isle

For an man of his age (over a thousand) Gwynfor seems very much alive. He looks old and feeble, and yet his eyes burn bright with the fires of life, and expose a cheeky nature. He loves to talk and will happily ramble on about the many encounters in his life. He has a vast knowledge of all magic and the ways in which the powers can work, and he is a living diary of past events.

For many years, even since before the red death, he has lived high on the mountain range, in a vast cave, where it is believed he preached the old ways, and was known to many of the rich lords of the modern age. He was a good friend of Leenard's, and was present at the birth of Runestone, for it was with Leenard, that both of them began to understand how Gwendolyn had hidden her secrets powers. It was Gwynfor who helped Leenard to rename his granddaughter from Rutile to Runestone. 

When it comes to the dark powers, he has learned much from Leenard, and has the knowledge to read and understand the magic that Morgan le fey has drawn towards herself. He has a lot of respect within the ruling council, and it is his task alone to initiate the future Queen of the Fae, before he passes from the realm forever. Rune has much learn from him, if she can help to keep him hidden from the Dark One.