Born: York February 23rd 2014

Parents: Giles and Alisha Phillips .

Age: (2038) 24

Hair: Blond curly hair scraped back off his face.

Eyes: Dark brown.

Height: 5ft 11ins.

Build: Strong and muscular looking .
Jacques Michael Phillips is the youngest of three brothers, all who have been raised in the public limelight of a father who served as a British consulate and member of the house of Lords. Commerce and politics have been spoon fed to the three brothers all their lives, and although the youngest and so therefore the one who has had a free reign, Jacques is still very skilled in all aspects of government.

He is to say the least very much outwardly a man's man, he has a huge love of sports and wrestling, and is at is happiest armed with a sword in the centre of a fight. Jacques has the wealth and the flair for the dramatic, and his clothes certainly show this, he often referred to as looking like a pirate with his ruffled shirts and heavy black coat with turned up cuffs.

He has a great humor and a deep belly laugh, and it is easy to spot when he is around and happy, his laugh will drown out most others.

The hard fighting tough sportsman also has another side, probably the one only seen in private by his partner, as he can also be very gentle, loving, and filled with understanding, he will quote famous classical literature references and also has a deep love of poetry, his knowledge of plays long since gone is vast, and he has a very refined palette for the finer foods in life.

Jacques carries his father sword, more out of the fact that he has shown the greatest care and skill with it. His future is relatively open, as he has two brothers before him, and so he has become a natural adventure seeker, his quest to find and meet the hooded man was one of his highest priority's.

As a bearer of one of the swords of power, he fast became a very powerful and effective member of the Specialists, where he has a deep bond with Skip,Rafe and Rowan. His bountiful humor often pairs him up with Harry, with whom he has a strong fighting partnership, Harry often steps back to allow the largest opponents to be handled by Jacques.

In his time on Lox Farm, he has found a good friend in John Lox, and was very impressed to see his large steel axe, so much so that John made him a replica, and gave him a few pointers in the finer arts of axe fighting. The result was add yet more fear to his opponents as he thunders towards them swinging his large golden sword in one hand, and sweeping his axe with the other.