Born: Stratford On Avon January 4th 2021.

Parents: Peter and Stephanie Rimmer Lane.

Age: (2038) 17

Hair: Long shaggy curly blonde.

Eyes: Jade green.

Height: 5ft 5ins.

Build: Slim, but muscular slightly bigger than Rune.

Jade Opal Lane is the misfit of Loxley. Very much a tom boy her spare time is spent on rope swings and running wild with the boys, who are no match for her in anything she does. Dressed in her dads old shirts and heavily patched trousers, Jade can give as good as she gets. Her working day in spent at her small furnace where she will happily spend the time crafting intricate and very high quality jewellery, even John Lox will tip his hat to the skill she has when making fine rings and pendants.

Jade is very skilled with a knife, she has two long silver daggers in a belt she made and her aim is exact, something her grandfather and most of the town disapprove of. One of her greatest friends is Robbie, who she secretly loves a great deal. His treatment of Jade is that of an equal and her sex never enters into it, she is often seen hanging around with him and Billy, unless Harry is back in town, then she is always by his side or hanging off the back of his bike screaming wildly with happiness. Jade has been seen driving through the village street pulling wheelie's on Harry's bike.

Jade tends to be a very happy go lucky type of person, she has her darker moments of loneliness, although you or I would never be allowed to see them, they are usually spent in her workshop sat on a stool, and away from prying eyes. Unlike her sister, she tends not to be as aware of events around her, she lives her life for the moment and has not got a clue about her family tree or anything related to it.

Jade is often put down for being rough and boy like, yet under the long shaggy blonde fringe, she is very like her sister, and is actually a very attractive girl. This is meaningless to Jade who would only ever comment about it by saying, "her bum is bigger than Rune's."
Jade Opal colour sketch designed by Rin Morgan, artwork provided by Bex Morgan © 2010 All rights reserved HTTK RJM.
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