Born: Congleton 2013

Parents: Paul and Caroline Ashford.

Age: (2038) 25

Hair: Short scruffy black.

Eyes: Hazel.

Height: 5ft 9ins.

Build: Lean.
James and his brother Anthony were both orphaned by the Cutter's and raised by Sister Mary of Good Hope. At the age of fifteen in a bid to help the house of good hope, James and his brother went out into the world to seek their fortune, and bring aid to Sister Mary.

Raised as good Christian boys, the rouge James soon discovered he had a very natural talent at finding things, and then diverting them from their intended owners to the aid of the good Sisters. Sister Mary is always doubtful as to where the goods came from and James has had to become a good story teller in order to fool the good Sister in to believing they were honestly acquired.

James is a good looking man with a lot of boyish charm, a talent he uses to exploit with great skill, he is very known and is well thought of, even though most of his life is used for petty crime against those who support Mason Knox. James has won great favor as what he steals, he usually gives to the poor, he takes very little for himself and his brother, they use only what is needed to get by.

When he discovers that Lord Loxley is in town, he wastes no time in making his acquaintance, even if it is by unorthodox means. His ability to stay under water for great periods of time earns him respect with the specialists and grants him his nickname.