Born: Caerleon January 11th 2019.

Parents: Phillip and Scarlet Bedivere.

Age: (2038) 19

Hair: Very long straight raven black.

Eyes: Very dark black looking.

Height: 5ft 6ins.

Build: Slender but very strong for her size and sex.

The slender almost innocent looking teenager with the long black hair and long fringe, may seem sweet and polite as raised by her parents, but the truth of Jett Amber is never ever turn your back on her. Jett will infest your underwear with ants that bite, she will arrange and successfully pull off a million stunts that will leave you lost for words, as she howls and rolls on the floor with laughter. Jett is fun with a public health warning, although never think that is all she is, her friendship with Jade is loyal and true, almost sisterly, but you must never forget that she is the eldest daughter of a formidable warrior Queen.

In her long black thigh length boots with golden long heels, Jett will spin like a ballerina, but put a sword in her hand and she will continue to spin, whilst she wails like a banshee, and when you see her come at you, look down, for it is at that moment she has more than likely thrust with her sword, and is moving on to her next victim, because you are already dead.

Her mother has done all of Jett's education, and she has been trained to do one very specific task. One day Jett will rule as the Queen of Caerleon, and although she hides it well, Jett knows everything there is to know about the affairs of state and the running of her mothers castle.

Jett is without doubt one of the most complex of all the characters, what you see on the surface is nothing compared to what is hidden in the dark eyes under the long fringe.
Jett sketch and potrait by Rin Morgan © 2008 + © 2010 All rights reserved HTTK Robin John Morgan