The expectation at the birth of Judith Knox was very high. The powers known to her grandmother only travel in the female line of the family, so with two sons to his credit, Mason was greatly anticipating the birth of his daughter.

Her hair was a dirty blonde, and her eyes a watery blue, and for a moment it looked like she would carry the gifts of the Le Fey line. The disappointment that followed when her power was revealed as very weak, saw Mason almost ignore her existence.

Judith grew up around her mother, and in many ways she was given a simple and very normal upbringing. Judith like any young girl was quiet and feminine, and was taught the normal attributes of being a woman by the mother she loved so dearly.
When Zandra Knox died at the hands of the arrow of Robbie, the news was kept from Judith who had stayed with her bulling brother Lance at Tintagel. It was several weeks after the failed crowing when her father returned home with her oldest brother William. The news was finally given to Judith, who had her heart broken as she was cast into a life more solitary than her previous life with her mother.

Her  brother Lance became more brutal as his cruel and sadistic nature showed more, left alone with his younger sister. Pushed to the limit and feeling lost and alone in her isolated room, Judith finally planned to run away, all she needed now was the chance to slip out and get as far away from her father and Lance as she could. The only problem she faced, was she had no where safe to run from the long arm of her fathers empire.