Born: Loxley 2015.

Parents: Lee and Laura Sherman.

Age: (2038) 23

Hair: Long straight brown.

Eyes: Deep brown.

Height: 5ft 10ins.

Build: Average to stocky.
Loxley and Settle

                Skilled woodsman, very good with a bow and an able sword fighter. He spent the first three years of his life at Loxley and then had to leave with his Father Lee, who went in search of his brother. Spent the last ten years of his life in Settle.

He yearns to return to Loxley to serve his Lord the hooded man and jumps at the chance to guide Una and her party to York in hope he can continue on with them.

He discovers David Willams at the gates and realises this is the man who as a teenager gave him his first bow lessons.

Keith is very down to earth and makes friends quickly with Jaz. In the rescue of Alice, Fish saves his life and they become the best of friends.

Keith is very attracted to Saff (who wouldn’t be she is stunningly beautiful) he asks her if she would like to walk in the woods and to his surprise she accepts. This is the start of a very good relationship.