Born: Tintagel, June AD 358.

Parents: Cornwall of Saxony and Igraine

Age: (2038) 1680.

Hair: Black.

Eyes: Black.

Height: 5ft 9ins.

Build: Slender, but changeable.

       No one shares a hatred of the green realm more than that of the Dark One. The cold brooding sorceress has watched for over a thousand years, as she has woven her spells of darkness hidden from everyone. With powers gained from her ancient Saxon line, she has delved deeper into the Merle (dark power) than any. Her life has been extended and tied to that of the raven, the bird of ill omen and carrier of spirits. The half sister of the one true king has endured over ten lifetimes, as she has striven to drive the dreams of men, and control their thoughts through nightmares. Her vision of ruling all the world to avenge what she sees as bad treatment by the ruling council, is at the heart of all her plots, as she works to bring aid to her son Mason Knox.

    Her features are modeled using her magic, and the old white haired woman appears to all as a slender and almost beautiful women. Her white face and dark eyes, as black as the raven's carry the coldness of her heart, for she is dead inside as her attempts at laugher show. When she appears before her enemy she carries a presence that drives fear in most men hearts, as they gaze upon the cloak of black feathers that give her a large birdlike appearance.

    Morgan le Fey has strong powers, only a fool would underestimate her, as for a long time she was dismissed by Hearne and Gwendolyn, and they paid the price. Her methods are never as forthright as that of a white sorcerer, she uses trickery to gain the advantage, the lessons of most of the ruling council learned when she caught them and imprisoned them to begin the start of the Age of Sleep. Gwendolyn the queen of the Fae fought her in captivity for many generations, but she lost her life force to the dark sorceress, and now le Fey carries much of the power of the white circle, something that causes great concern for Hearne and his daughter Opal. Eve the mother of Opal had her human form destroyed, and cannot return to aid her, something that is still a source of great anger to the old power of creation Hearne.

   The task now to stop the Dark One falls to Runestone, a young 17 year old girl new to her powers, in the eyes of the Dark One, Rune is mealy a student and she mocks her, for her alliance with the hooded man, calling her Flower Girl. As Runes powers increase, the Dark One delves deeper into the vast dark power of the Merle to match her, the final confrontation may come down to who thinks the fastest as their powers become equal. For now Morgan le Fey has the experience of many life times and Rune has little. The scales are tipped towards the dark lines and the fight must flow to its final conclusion, le Fey is aware that on sacred soil Rune is receiving aid, but she is none the less a superior sorceress, and she has the confidence that could tip the scales her way forever. Whatever the outcome, le Fey will never back down, it is not in her blood line, and she will fight to the bitter end.