Born: Loxley 1981.

Parents: No record surviving.

Age: (2038) 57

Hair: Shaggy grey hair.

Eyes: Sharp looking dark brown.

Height: 6ft 1ins.

Build: Tall and lean looking a man.

               Lee Sherman is without doubt a man who has worked outdoors all his life. His faced and tanned and lined from his years of toil, his eyes are narrow from shading them from years of sunlight. Although tall and lean, even at the age of 57, he still carries a look of power and authority. He has the appearance of a traveler, with his long grey straggly hair and a chin of long white bristles, as he hates shaving and will do it as seldom as possible

                Lee is Loxley born and bred, he is proud of his line and the roots of the place he calls home, although he is much younger, he was a true and loyal friend to Old Jake Loxley and helped work there as a farm hand for most of his life before the Red Death. Lee began the building of the great wooden wall around Loxley with Old Jake, Such was his friendship, that when Jake appeared having spent four days at Robbie's Mere and announced his plans, Lee simply gave a nod and Looked to the boundaries to see where the wall would be built. Many questioned Jake's sanity about building the wall, and Lee defended him.

                He married Laura Dartsman from Hathersage in 2013, and his only son Keith was born two years later. With the wall already being built, when Lee received news that one of his two brothers was in trouble, Jake urged him to go to his aid, and Lee left Loxley in 2018 to head for northern Lancashire.

                With the death of his Brother Tristan, Lee remained in Settle and replaced his brother as the woodland leader, although he remained in touch with his old friend, and returned briefly alone to Loxley when Jake was killed in a tragic accident. For the few days that he was back in Loxley, he spent much of his time with Robert Lox where he filled in many of the gaps from the life of Jake. Lee helped Robert adjust to his new role, and then return to settle with the promise he would come back to Loxley shortly.

                Lee's wife died in 2029, and he began to pass on the role of command of the area to others in preparation for his return to Loxley. With the onset of Cutter attacks he was delayed in departure, and finally made it back to Loxley in 2038, having sent his son Keith on in advance as a guide to Una and her sisters.

               Lee is seen as the old school of woodsman, he lives by a very disciplined set of rules, and honour and integrity are very much his priorities. He has a lot of respect as many around Loxley know of his close friendship with Jake, one of the most respected men of Loxley in its history. He is a very simplistic man, with few needs as he usually aquires what he wants from the wild. He smokes a long clay made pipe, in which he burns a fouls smelling tobacco made of wood hemp, it is not received well by many, especially as it makes him cough an awful lot. He has aquired a lot of wisdom over the years and knows woodland life better than most, something Robbie especially has a lot of respect for.

              For his age he still has keen eyes and is a great shot with a bow, he has good sword skills and if you want a trap laying out in the woodland, you can call on better than Lee Sherman.