At just sixteen years of age, Lord lance has spent his entire life at the side of his father, who has also been the greatest influence he has had. His older brother William was taken from his home and spent his life separated from his father, and the difference between the two brothers is more than obvious.

Lance is similar in appearance, as he too has the bright blue eyes attributed to his father, although his almost white blonde hair is sleek and shiny, without the characteristic curls attributed to Knox.

Lance has an air of the solitary around him, he finds it hard to feel close to his mother, and like his brother, he has little time for his all powerful grandmother. Most feel that there is a little more to it, than lack of ability to bond with anyone else but his father. His eyes at times appear to lack the shine of most, it has been commented that they look almost dead at times. There is no doubt that Lance has a cold and ruthless side, it is obvious that his brothers return had an impact on his ambitions, and many feel that Lance has no intention of sharing his fathers fortunes.
As a lord of Cornwall, he has a very privileged life, yet unlike his brother, he fails to make the most of his opportunities, his interest in the female sex is nonexistent, and him comments imply he feels they are there to serve him as they should all men. This view is especially noticeable in his treatment of his sister, who for most of the time he ignores, or shouts and orders her about.

For a young man he can act very grown up and as arrogant as his father, yet there are also moments when he appears weak and insecure, something noted by William who does at times feel sorry for him and tries to protect him. William has no trust of Lance, and although he has no proof, he somehow feels that Lance has some secret hidden plan, he almost certainly has a habit of appearing in the oddest places, and has more than a little knowledge of his father's plans for the country.