Lord William has now taken his rightful place at the side of his father. Having received medical attention for his ear, which has been sewn back on, and after attempting to kill the hooded man, he has only one place left to him in the north. Lord William now assumes the role of Commander of operations for the army of the dragon, from York, north to the tip of Scotland.

     His background and training are in those of the woodsman, which makes him the ideal candidate to work on the strategy for attack from the north. Placed between his grandmother's northern headquarters, and his father in the south, he has a free hand to control and organize his own attacks.

     His new aid from the woodland camp, carries much news of the happenings in Loxley, and he learns a great deal to help him plan the wide scale attack to be executed on the woodland realm. His manner is hard, but fair, and he soon find that he has a good command of the men, his relationship with his General builds to one of mutual respect as the old soldier from Tintagel takes up his new post in the north of Scotland, where Lord William is a frequent visitor to one of the old castles.

The blonde haired, blue eyed son of the most powerful man in the country has no problems adjusting to a life that holds anything he wants. Dressed in the highest quality black suites and living in the finest buildings that remain standing, he is not short of female attention, and revels in his role as commander of the forces and the new number two in the army of the dragon.

William commands with authority, although it is noticed how his moods change when he visits the old house like castle on the outskirts of Aberdeen. It takes many days for his solemn air to change and most of the soldiers notice how he is quick tempered, and not unlike his father.

His lack of respect, and constant sarcastic digs at his grandmother creates outrageous outbursts from her, which although they amuse him, causes his father no end of problems. Lord William takes most of it in his stride, as he travels around controlling his forces and searching any known religious place of significance in hope of finding a clue to the whereabouts of the lost sword. His fascination with swords has now grown more into an obsession, as he spends all his free time looking up old documents of his grandmother's in hope of finding a single clue, which will help him beat the hooded man to the prize.