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8th August 2017: We had a chat yesterday with Robin just to see how things are going, and he gave some good stuff. Firstly Book Eight which will be the final book in the HTTK series is going well and should be ready for later this year. The second goodie we got was that the companion book which will be released after the final book will be entitled "Rise of the Raven" Robin told us it will show the very start of the family line of the Dark One and will also features characters that up until now have only been reffered to
in the earlier books, but in many ways, this book will be a kind of start to the story of HTTK and will allow readers a better understanding of why Robin was chosen to gather together the Heirs.

30th May 2017: June marks ten years of Robin's creative journey with HTTK in the form of actually writing the series. To celebrate, he will doing daily updates to the Facebook page to reflect the ten years of work. Entitled TEN YEARS IN, each day he will reveal a little about his journey so keep your ey7es of the FB page, the articles will be reproduced on the Tumblr page from later in the month so what that space too.
January 18th 2017: Today on Facebook Robin posted a little suprise. His comment was quite short but read as follows "
Not been posting a great deal recently. But that is because I am writing the last book, which is really inspiring me, so much so that I am actually writing a short companion book on HTTK at the same time on the Berengar family. Two books at once Oooooh!!! exciting stuff for later this year" So it appears that two books in the HTTK series for this year, the first being the last book of the series Book Eight, and it appears there will be an additional book a little later that will focus on the family Berengar, who we now know because of the last book is the head of the family of the Dark One. Its is an interesting update and one we are thrilled about stay tuned for more, also keep tabs on the facebook page which you will find links for on the home page.

6th September 2016: Heirs to the Kingdom Book Seven, The Bridge of Sequana is now officially published and printed copies are already available and making their way to readers.

1st August 2016: New book seven soon. The seventh book in the series has been given a release date of Sept 6th 2016. Robin has finally given his approval and he is quoted as saying, "this book has been a wonderful writing experience, it has challenged me a great deal, as the plot is a real roller coaster ride, and one I am really hoping the readers enjoy." The book is now in production and will be available shortly.

15th October 2015: Its official the Launch date for Heirs to the Kingdom Book Six, Last Arrow of the Woodland Realm will be October 31st. It is a tight deadline for VCP who are working hard at the moment on the final interior layouts.

25th September 2015: Today the Facebook page added a link to the heirs to the kingdom with an article referring to the new book to be released in October. As always with Robin little is given away although he does provide some interesting insight into the details and backgrounds of some of the characters. It does appear that a lot of questions will be answered in this book, and he has hinted at some big surprises, check it out via the blog link on this sites home page.

03th September 2015:
Today Robin announced that the manuscript for book six was almost ready, and he has begun the final edit in preparation for publication. It is hoped that Heirs to the Kingdom Book Six, entitled Last Arrow of the Woodland Realm will be available from the end of October 2015.

19th June 2015: 
It was quoted today on Facebook that Robin has began work on the final read through and edit of the Six book in the series Heirs to the Kingdom for publication towards the end of the year. On the HTTK Blog earlier this year he did state that the fifth book had become so large that he had to edit away at least one third, which became the start of an unplanned six book. He commented that because of the twists within the plot, he realised there were gaps that he needed to address, and so decided to add this to book six before picking up the story again in the next book. Robin was clear that he is close to the end of the series and has also begun work on the final book of the series, as yet he has not given a final amount, but he he has made it clear the end of the series is now close.

30th May 2015: 
Today Robin announced that he was working with a new author to prepare their manuscript for publication. Although he gave few details, he said it was a fantasy adventure for children and it would be published via VCP towards the Summer.

18th February 2015:
We are thrilled to announce that on February 28th 2015 the fifth part in the Heirs to the Kingdom series will be released. Book Five entitled Crystals of the Mirrored Waters, will be published by Violet Circle Publishing and will appear online and available from book shops throughout the first week of March. On the VCP Facebook Page they offered the following description:

It is the start of the Age of Dreams, and the true heir to the throne has been found. The secrets of the past are revealed, as the truth guides everyone towards their destiny. Lord Loxley has to recover the sceptre of kings so he can legitimately crown the king and prevent Mason Knox from stealing the throne, but Mason has other plans, as he strikes hard against York on his way to Loxley. Morgan has discovered the whereabouts of a deadly weapon hidden long ago, and is plotting to steal it in her bid to destroy Runestone and her circle. 
The time is running out and now Loxley has to act, and a realm sealed long ago must be reopened again to allow the Lord of Loxley to seek out the hidden crystals that will seat a king and stop the dark forces, but there are hidden dangers and vile creations that will test the resolve of everyone within the Specialistís as they meet their deadliest opponent yet.
Look to the past, for there lies the answers to the future, sharpen your sword, load your arrows, and hold your breath, as this fifth book takes you into the fast twists and turns of yet another tense, thrilling and unexpected piece of the HTTK puzzle.

1st January 2015:
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  We start the new year with great news, as we can announce that HTTK Book 5 has gone into production. We have no set release date, but it being hinted at that the book could see the shelves by the middle of February, so fingers crossed we get it then. This epic adventure continues, although Author RJM has been very tight lipped and not really given that much away, although it is rumored that the Crystal Waters may have a connection to Rhiannon, and a whole new realm, it will not be long before find out, so watch this space...

28th November 2014:
Watch the site from December 1st, as Robin has been secretly planning an Event to run for the entire month. The Event named "Yule 2014" will feature and advent calendar to which each day a link will be added to a new page on the site. When asked about it, Robin told us this.
"it is my hope to show the Past, present and a some of the Future of Heirs to the Kingdom, I have had a good look at all the archive files that cover the time frame of the four current books, and I have found a lot of things that I hope will really appeal to the readers. I hope to show more of the background and depth of this story, by adding a lot of things that have been important in writing the books, but never actually appeared. It is a lot of work, and I will be pushed to get it all done in time, but each day there will be something special, including I hope some new stories that have been outlined but not as yet written."
So keep your eyes peeled and follow us as we log in each day to see what wonders will await us, the first page will go live on December 1st, so stay tuned.

06th June 2014:
Today we are delighted to say that Heirs to the Kingdom Book Four, Queen of the Violet Isle has been released. Published via Robin's own company VCP, he commented by saying. "I am delighted, it has felt like an age since the last book was published and finally after set backs and problems it is appearing on the shelves. It is for myself a wonderful moment, as this has always been one of my favorite books in the series, I think and hope the readers will love it, there is action and adventure from page one and some big shocks so hopefully the thrill factor will greatly enhance the followers of this series of books."
All of at VCP will now be focused on the task of pushing the promotion of the new books and hopefully the word on these wonderfully captivating books will find more dedicated readers, but whatever happens, there is a great deal of happiness after five long months of hard work, so now its onward and we can all look forward to the next book in the series at some future point.

23rd May 2014:
Today has been a wonderful day, VCP received the first Printed Proofs of the new Revised Editions of books 1,2, and 3. There was celebration and excitement all around as the parcels were open and seen for the first time. You can see a video on the front page of this website and on both the VCP and HTTK Facebook pages. The new proofs will now be examined very closely and all be well, they will go into world wide production in the next few days. We hope everyone likes the new fresh clean look of the covers and the newly formatted interiors. Up to date news will appear here first so keep watching for more. 

10th May 2014:
We are pleased to inform you all that Heirs to the Kingdom books one, two and three the revised editions are now in production and will be available in print by May 30th 2014. The fourth book in the series will follow shortly after.

30th April 2014:
Today VCP announced that the new revised editions of Heirs to the Kingdom are nearing completion. The first three books will be out very shortly, followed closely by the fourth new book Queen of the Violet Isle. Robin noted via the VCP blog it is a great relief after what has been a difficult and frustrating past few years. The new books with new covers will here soon so watch this space.

25thFebruary 2014:
Today we had a quite talk with author Robin John Morgan who told us. "the new revised editions are coming along very well, I really like the new look format and we are very busy behind the scenes, we now have a deal with the printers for the books and we are currently looking at arranging the new ISBN numbers for the books. I am delighted so far and its looking good for a late spring release of the first three followed within days by the brand new fourth book.

6th February 2014:
Today robin celebrated the landmark birthday of 50 years of age. He took a day off from editing the new revised editions of his book and spent the day with his wife and having a quiet afternoon celebration meal with his father. Happy birthday Robin from everyone of us.

21st January 2014:
Today we saw the launch of the new Violet Circle Publishing website you can take a look at it by visiting www.violetcircle

5th January 2014:
Today we saw the setup of a new page on Facebook to relaunch the new look Violet Circle Publishing page to keep everyone up to date with what VCP will be doing as they move the heirs to the Kingdom books away from the previous publisher to their new Publishing company. You can see the page at

31st December 2013:
Today Robin made the announcement via the Heirs to the kingdom blog that he was parting company with his Publisher, and has taken the steps towards setting up his own independent publishing company to re-publish the first three books with upgrades, and publish the rest of the Heirs to the kingdom series. For the full statement issued by Robin you can Click Here

21st November 2013:
We are saddened to announce that Robin's Step Mum Pat, passed away this morning, and lost her battle against Cancer. Robin made the announcement at shortly after 10am, in a peaceful manner. Pat was a huge supporter of HTTK and played a big role in its promotion and in its production, as she was on of the editor proof readers of the early manuscripts. This is a huge loss for Robin and his family who were very close, and we all offer our heartfelt sympathies to his whole family at this time.

4th November 2013:
We are delighted to inform you all that last night artist for HTTK  Jacy Bailey, gave birth to her first child. Little Evelyn was delivered happy and safe and in good health to proud Mum and her Dad Chris. Congratulations guys enjoy this very special time.

13th October 2013
Today Robin posted a very sincere and wonderful tribute to his pet cat Sparky, who sadly passed away on October 10th. Sparky was very old and was much loved by all the family, and was the source of inspiration for the character of "Furry Face" in book three, and we are told makes a return in the later books. His moving tribute can be read by clicking the link:

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To kick things off, we contacted our old friend Jo, and asked her to approach Author Robin John for a few words. With her pad at the ready, on a scorching hot August morning she went to Robin's home to sit in his garden and chat. (Read them here.)
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