The Bowman at the Man and Scythe May 20th 2009
An Old English public house provided the perfect atmosphere for the reading of the Bowman of Loxley. Robin was accompanied by Illustrator, Louis M Slater and his partner in the guise of Violet Circle Productions, to present an audience with a wider look at the work behind Heirs to the Kingdom.

Louis put a wonderful display of the artwork that gave a look at the whole process of creating the books sleeve. The centre of the display was the actual finished artwork depicting the bowman with Rune at his shoulder and Rowan in the lake. Other works showed related pieces that complimented the Bowman.

Sat in front of the artwork and besides the display of Jaded Opals woodland theme jewellery, Robin read selected parts of the book that would give a strong sense of the book, but did not give too much of the story away. Each part had a small introduction as Robin explained some of the work that went into each piece, and gave a wider insight to the woodland realm created in his books.

The audience sat attentive and appeared engrossed in the story as Robin read, especially the parts that contained Harry. He was suffering from a slight cold and strained a little in parts, but hearing the author read his own work in the accents and voices he had imagined when writing, did add to the humor and make the story feel more real.

Overall it was a very enjoyable evening, and the HTTK team seemed to leave on a high having been able to talk to the readers and sign their books for them. Robin and Crew are set to return to Bolton for a midsummer festival in June.

Organised by Wenches and Trinkets in coperation with Violet Circle productions © Robin John Morgan 2009.
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