Born: Hope 2011.

Parents: Frank and Daisy Reef.

Age: (2038) 27

Hair: Short tight curly brown.

Eyes: Brown.

Height: 6ft 3ins.

Build: Slender tall man.
Martin is very much a family man. He works for the Lox family as one of their supervisors on the top fields, and lives with his wife Hanna and their two daughters. Martin is a quiet thinking man and when he does talk it is seldom loud, but more quietly to one person at a time, he is very reflective and can spot things often missed by others.

Martin does have a strong sense of humor and at time can be quite giggly, something seen often with his best friend John Sykes. They often find fun at the expense of others, and take great pleasure in witnessing the jokes played by Jett and Jade on Harry, although they too can be targets of the trouble twins, there have been several occasions when Jett and Jade have targeted John and Martin.

Martin is a very skilled woodsman, and earns the respect of many simply by leading by example, Robbie holds the greatest respect for him, as do the others as Martin soon proves himself to be very dependable in a tight spot.