Born: Never recorded.

Parents: Documentation destroyed..

Age: (2038) Unknown.

Hair: White.

Eyes: blue.

Height: 6ft .

Build: Average to stocky.

No image of this person exhists
     Mason Knox is a man who is used to getting his own way. Although he was discredited by Leenard Rimmer at Cambridge university, he still continued his plans to one day take his claim to the throne to the people.

   Dressed always in black suits of a heavy velvet, lined with the finest of red silk, as the gold gleams from his fingers and wrists, he casts the picture of a well tailored old Gypsie. Like all men of power, he has no fear about those he will walk on to achieve his goals, and when the Red death came, it was almost as if he had been prepared. The Line of the Raven has many tools to see what will become of the future, and one can only guess, that his mother had warned him of the doom to be suffered by humankind.

   In 2028, just 16 years after the red death had struck, Mason was in the position of containing all of Devon and Cornwall. His army of ruthless Cutters, had already raided most of the south, stripping it of metal and food, and he had looked to the north and his greatest enemy. This was the year when he took his son, and placed him in the centre of his biggest threats community, such was his determination to dominate.

  This is a man with only one purpose, and the will to ensure it will be achieved. Mason will use any weapon at his disposal, including breeding a line of new soldiers in forced orphanages, or even greasing the palms of those left in the church, to bend their will to his ways. When he meets opposition that will not concede to him, then he brings forth the power of his mother's line. The dark sorceress has no qualms about death and destruction in the aid of her son.

  All families have hidden secrets, and the line of the Dragon, and the Raven, have theirs. Buried deep within the shadows of the past, there are covered evil deeds that Mason would rather not have mentioned, the question is, who else knows them, and could the hooded realm use them? In the battle for survival, you have to chose sides to aid the dream of one man or the other. Who's side will you choose?