Born: Outskirts of Benmore 1967.

Parents: Unknown.

Age: (2038) 71

Hair: Long shaggy white hair.

Eyes: Dark brown.

Height: 5ft 8ins.

Build: Tall but frail, shows he was once strong.

                No one is very sure where this old man actually came from, he has certainly been mysterious about his past. He was greatly admired and respected by many of the Clan leaders, and it was rumoured he was once a great historian and leader of his people. He appeared at the camp of Rose early one morning shortly after the arrival of Gwynfor, Rose as always was very distrustful of him, but Gwynfor seemed to know of him, and persuaded Rose she could trust him.

               Rose thinks highly of him and he has become a very trusted friend and advisor, no one is sure if she knows the truth of who he really is, but she has kept him close and talked often with him. Behind the scenes, William provides Rose with a great deal of information and advice on the Clans, and how to keep them all content.

              When Young Grace is in need, it is William who comes to her aid. He gives her good advice, and like her aunt, she adopts him as her advisor and he steers her to command with authority and respect.

              He is seen as a cranky old man, but in his life he has seen much and uncovered a great deal about the truth of Scottish history, It is a very secret fact, that he offered a great of good advice to Leenard, during his time at the university, where William was for a short time one of the leading professors

             The only real fact that is known, is that William McDonald is at the top of the most wanted list of Mason Knox.