Born: Unknown 2023

Parents: Lidia (Mother.)

Age: (2038) 15

Hair: Strawberry blonde, matted and dirty.

Eyes: Brown.

Height: 5ft 4ins.

Build: Scrawny.
She is fifteen going on forty, tough as nails and rides like the wind, cocky and confident Michelle will deliver you a letter in the hardest of places, and after you have it she will jump up on her faithful mount Bags (I know but she named him) and with a cheeky "see Ya" she will be off like lightening leaving dust in her wake.

Michelle like so many is an orphan of the Cutter's and she spent most of her younger days living at the house of Good Hope, at the age of almost thirteen she heard about the new postie service and was off like a shot to join, she has since become one of the most traveled and certainly the most well known of all the postal riders. What she doesn't deliver on paper she will tell you all about, and she can talk with the best of them, ask what is happening and believe me she will chatter away for hours.