The Bowman and crew came to Bolton, dressed as characters from the books and with laughter and cheer, they made an impact.
The two day event organised by the Man and Scythe and Bolton Council brought many activities together in Medieval fashion, and the Bowman was very much at home in what felt like natural surroundings. It was a long and exhausting weekend for the HTTK team who battled through rain to get the tent up and organised on Saturday, but they wore their smiles with pride and in true HTTK fashion they presented a wonderful display that exhibited some of the books passages in frames and original artwork from Louis M Slater, the cover illustrator.

Corinne in her Violet Circle productions guise organised a mass leaflet distribution to all of the shoppers in Bolton, and even had time to call at the local Waterstones to provide them with flyers and thank them for selling the book. Louis joined in the fun with his partner Hayley and everyone got the full insight to the series of books that Robin has written. It was especially nice to see Bex at the side of her father as they promoted the book as father and daughter, who as you all know by now is the reason this wonderful adventure story began.

Robin was exhausted at the end of it all, but happy, he asked us to say a very big thankyou to everyone who attended and also asked to thank for their coverage and Wenches and trinkets for all the help and support they have given to him, He wanted to say and extra special thanks to the HTTK team as they worked so hard throughout the entire event.

The team will take a well earned break and then begin again as they prepare for other events, watch the Loxley postal service for details
The HTTK tent
The book on display
Tent end
Front bench
Cover Artwork
The HTTK team
The author and family
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