Born: Stratford On Avon December  1st 1999

Parents: Arthur Winston and Sarah Lane.

Age: (2038) 39

Hair: Long red.

Eyes: Intense blue.

Height: 5ft 9ins.

Build: Stocky.
Peter Lane married the only woman he would ever love. He was the best friend of Harry and as mad about bikes as Harry was. He met Steph and found something to love more than his machines, but not long after finding out Mason Knox was looking to find Leenard, he walked into a trap with Harry and was taken prisoner and thrown into the deepest dungeon at Tintagel fortress, there he lay held captive, slowy wasting away. Dreaming of his children and wife.

When the moment came and he felt the arms of his wife around him, he had thought it was just another of the many dreams he had experienced in his long days of captivity. Robbie's call to Rune brought him to reality with a bump, as he understood his captive days were over.

Peter won his nickname of Smokes, when he saved Jett with an incense burner, as he smashed it into the young Lord Knox. Reunited with his family he now has the time to recover and get back his lost stregnth, under the loving attention of Stephanie.