Johnathan Howard Rafe

  New Avon

Born: New Avon April 22nd 2014

Parents: John and Connie Rafe.

Age: (2038) 24

Hair: Shoulder legnth mousy blonde.

Eyes: Pale brown.

Height: 6ft.

Build: Quite stocky.
       Captain Johnathan Rafe of New Avon, is a woodsman who has spent most of his years watching and admiring his Uncle Howard. It has always been his ambition to be the very best woodsman he could be, and for this bright happy young man, it is the most serious focus of his life. Rafe carries a long sword with a golden handle, given him on his eigtenth birthday by his father, it is said within the family it was once given as gift to William Shakespear by the queen herself. It is his most prized possesion, and he is a very skilled and acomplished swordsman with it. His talent for the bow again will rival many, although his first encounters with the Specialists, leave him very much thinking he needs more practice.

     Rafe is popular with his men, and most of the community of his home town of New Avon, a place he loves dearly as it was built by his mother and father after the read death as they gathered together all the people in need of shelter from the surrounding countryside. His defence of the woodland realm is fierce and his hatred for the Cutters is matched by few. Rafe has a very savage temper, although it is seldom seen, on those occasions when it comes to the surface, is it advisable to keep at a safe distance of this wild man.

     His encounter  with the young Jett Amber will lead him to his destiny, although at first, it appears an unlikely event. Rafe is very much the eyes and ears of the Specialists, there has been a few occasions when he has taken the lead and informed the others of what is going on around him. He has disobeyed direct orders, in an attempt to ensure the protection of his lord, and feels no qualms about being disaplined for his behaviour.

Few will rival his love for Jett, not only does he support her, he is probably one of the few people who fully understands her, something which has made Jett love him even more. His relaxed calm manner of acceptance in all things makes him a strong leader of men, and his ability to stand his ground and remain in control, proves to be his greatest asset in the defense of the woodland realm.