Born: Aberdeen  1998.

Parents: Douglas and Veronica Mackintosh

Age: (2038) 40

Hair: Long Black with grey streaks.

Eyes: Pale Blue.

Height: 5ft 4ins.

Build: Lean.

                           Life for Rose Mackintosh has always been hard, At the age of fourteen when the Red Death struck,and her Mother became very ill, she was taken from her home with her younger brother Angus to the safety of Glantanar. Her father's oldest friend, John Forbes sheltered the young Rose and taught her wood craft and gave her the skills to survive.

                           Shortly after leaving her home in Aberdeen, her mother died, and shortly afterwards, the news arrived of her father's death. Rose had no choice but to except her fate, and live away from her roots protected, as word arrived of the arrival of a man called Mason Knox, who had landed at Stonehaven with food and supplies to help those in need. Knox was seen as a savior, and for Rose the knowledge that the area she knew as Home still thrived with the support of Mason, fuelled her dreams of retuning.

                         Life with the kindly historian was happy, and Rose enjoyed living within the huge woodland range, it was made happier for her being around John Forbes son, for Sinclair grew up to be a man of great intelligence and wit, and Rose fell deeply in love with him. On her sixteenth birthday she was summoned to the study of John Forbes, where he produced the papers that proved her father had a rightful claim to the throne of Scotland, it was a massive surprise to find out that with his death, she could take up the claim above her younger brother, and take the throne as leader of the Scottish people. From that day onwards her determination to return home grew stronger and stronger.

                         In the year of 2023 aged 25, Rose finally convinced Sinclair to join her and return back to Aberdeen. She was a very different person from the small frightened girl that had left, Rose had grown in confidence and had been given the benefit of a very good education. Over her last five years the qualities of a natural leader, like her father had surfaced, and when she retuned home to find most of the people enslaved by the brutal regime of Mason Knox, it was not long before she decided to strike back.

                      Within one year she lead her raid as the leader of a new resistance. Word was sent to the many who had fled from the east to return and help take back the land for the Scottish, many came to her call and the bitter struggle against the oppression of the Knox Empire begun in earnest. Two years later high up on the mountain passes, she fought a desperate fight, against huge numbers sent by Mason to route her out. He had become irritated with the constant disruption and moved to crush the opposition forever. During the fight which was brutal and bloody, Rose was badly wounded when she was slashed across her stomach, as the thick mist came down, she had prepared to die alone lost to her people in the high rock paths. It was a turning point in her life, as she was discovered and saved by an Old Celtic Holy man, who took her to his cave and sewed her up and nursed her back to health.

                     Gwynfor Lyle Osbourne, knew much of the life of Rose, as he had been a good friend of her father. It was Gwynfor who handed her the old silver Celtic cross that her father had worn all his life, and Rose was grateful to hear how Gwynfor had nursed him at the end of his life. The Old Celt returned with Rose to Stonehaven, where she showed him the large cave where she hide her supplies, and together they began a new plan that would lead to the creation of a haven for all of the people she could free from the clutches of Knox.

                   Gwynfor spoke often of the coming of a man who wore a hood to the region, and Rose with Sinclair began in earnest to prepare and train every free man and women who they could call to their cause. When Robbie and Runestone arrived in Scotland in 2038, Rose was already waiting to greet him with the news of a mysterious new castle that had appeared over a matter of a few days on the small island of Dunnottar, just down the coast from her camp.

                   Rose is very much the natural leader, although because of the life in secret, she can be a little distrusting of outsiders. She is very clever, and uses much thought in all that she does, she fights with the heart of man, although she is not the best skilled of her fighters. She has very good intuition, but at times it can be clouded, as she suffers moment of self doubt, due mainly to her earlier life, and her belief that she should have remained by her father's side, instead of leaving with her brother.

                   Sinclair is the love of her life, from the moment she first met him, there has never been any doubt in her mind she would remain at his side until death. Although she does not always show it, deep inside her it is her greatest source of strength, as there is nothing she would not do to defend or protect him. Her only regret is she carries a secret, that is only shared with the Old Celt