Born: Rutland Water, November 11th 2020.

Parents: Ben and Rose Shire's.

Age: (2038) 18

Hair: Long shiny black, two fine braids at side.

Eyes: Slate grey.

Height: 5ft. 9in.

Build: Lean but muscular.
The mysterious and sad figure of Rowan of the woods does puzzle everyone. He is a quiet woodsman who shows tremendous bravery, from the little he says it is obvious he is well educated and very intelligent, but Rowan is a man of many secrets. His past is never spoken of which is something that intrigues Jade a great deal, she wants to unravel the mysterious stranger in their mists.

Why is his shirt sleeve torn and crudely mended, who wove the woollen wrists bands on his wrist, and why was he chosen by the Green Lord to carry out his quest? There are many questions to be answered about Rowan of the woods, even is true name is a mystery.