Born: Caerleon May 3rd 2022.

Parents: Phillip and Scarlet Bedivere.

Age: (2038) 16

Hair: Long bright snow white bob.

Eyes: Red (Albino ).

Height: 5ft.

Build: Small, slender and slightly frail looking.

Ruby has been delicate from Birth, born an Albino she suffered greatly from the light and as a result she has spent most of life being watched and prevented from doing as much as her sister Jett. One big noticeable aspect of this, is Ruby's child like quality, she is small and delicate and many who meet her fail to realize that she actually sixteen years old. Her protection to some degree has made her a little naive, but in many ways she also uses it to her advantage, as Ruby is not as defenseless as you may first think. Never forget that she too is the daughter of a warrior queen, and also the sister of the queen of corruption Jett.

It is hard not to like Ruby, she bounces with joy and is at heart a hopeless romantic and day dreamer, she is captivated by the stories of Robbie and he is her biggest hero, as she is his biggest fan. Ruby has suffered long bouts of loneliness, and although Jett has her moments, she at least has had times when she could escape the castle and get away, Ruby never has had that option and lost in a huge castle she has felt the isolation more than most.

With her snow white fringe and her pink glasses she taps around with her long white pole, and wins the heart of all she meets, her giggle is infectious and the joy she radiates lifts all around her.

One should only worry is she wags her finger and tells you that was a bad thing, then the truth of Ruby will become very apparent.