Born: Stratford in Avon, October 31st 2022.

Parents: Peter and Stephanie Rimmer Lane.

Age: (2038) 16

Hair: Long sleek coppery red with golden streaks.

Eyes: Sapphire Blue.

Height: 5ft 4ins.

Build: Slender and elegant.

Runestone is the weaver and clothing maker of the village. Her days are spent sat upstairs in her home, which she shares with her mother and sister. From the upstairs room as she weaves on her loom, she watches the street in hope that the son of the community leader will wander down and into view.
Rune has been attracted to the son of Robert Lox, from the moment she first peered through the flower shaped hole cut into her garden gate at the age of six. Her greatest fear is he will ask out Melissa the granddaughter of the cheese maker, and each time Young Robbie enters that shop, her heart begins to beat faster as she feels the sense of dread brewing up inside her.
With red hair and bright blue eyes, Rune is noticed by all the boys, yet she tends to stay close to home and ignores their obvious attention, her heart belongs to Robbie, if only he would say something to give her hope.
The family line of Rune is very long, and has a past shrouded in mystery, her father is no longer around and her only contact to her extended family is her grandfather and teacher Leenard Rimmer. Rune feels that everyone is hiding something and even though she knows a great deal about what is going on in the world around her, she still feels her mother and grandfather are hiding something important from her.
Rune has had strange dreams, and in some cases the things she has dreamt about have come true. It is a secret she hides as she fears ridicule, so she tries to ignore it and continues to design clothes and display the goods she makes in the courtyard outside her home and shop Trinkets and Trousers. Recently strange feelings have been moving round inside her, and her dreams are of a woman dressed in all white.
Her greatest companion in life is her older sister Jade, and her only true friend in the stockade is Alice (Robbie’s Cousin) from the farm. It is rare that Rune voices her thoughts and feelings, but it is too Alice that she shares some of her closest secrets, especially about Robbie. There have been times when she has confessed a few of the strange feelings she has to her grandfather, and it is through the conversations with her that Leenard can see the powerful force growing within her, Rune is not aware of the future that has been preordained for her, and her grandfather secretly teaches her of what will happen in the future by telling her many stories, in which the secrets of her true identity are held. Leenard has an extensive library of which Rune is one of few who have unrestricted access to many of the books on history, which is one of her favorite subjects and she is very well versed in folklore and the power properties of all plants.
To everyone else in the stockade Rune is a kind and very loving person, she tries her hardest to be courteous and respectful to all she meets and does a great deal of kind acts that endear her more to the community. Like Robbie she feels a very strong emotional link with nature, and her greatest desire is to travel around the wilds and enjoying the open spaces, although her mother is very protective and keeps both her children confined to within the high walls of Loxley.

Author’s Note.

Runestone Sapphire is probably one of the most complex characters within the story of HTTK. Throughout the series of books there are many subtle changes going on deep inside her, and these have to be reflected in her persona as she develops from the young girl sat at her loom, to the eventual force of the power of the Violetline she will become by the end of the books.
I love to write Runestone, as she is very much a challenge as I subtly increase her knowledge of the world around her, she is referred to at times as the “Stone on which all has been written” and that means that as the force of power grows within her, so does the knowledge and skill that she contains. There are many occasions where she surprises herself as well as the group around her, as a new talent reveals itself to her, and with it her ability to appear more grown up than others her age.
I have had the pleasure of meeting a few people in my life who contain some of her qualities, and in the early days of writing I used them to base some of her character, and then as I wrote and contemplated her more, she has evolved into what I must say is one on my own favorite characters in the series. Rune like all of us has some deep insecurities which do surface without warning at times, and again its adds to the rich mix of her character and also to my own enjoyment of writing her, and I hope to yours.

Runestone Sketch provided by Bex Morgan © 2009
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