Born: Caerleon June 28th 1997.

Parents: Leenard and Opal Rimmer.

Age: (2038) 41

Hair: Very long sleek straight red.

Eyes: Very dark black looking.

Height: 5ft 6ins.

Build: Slender but very strong for her size and sex.

Scarlet is the warrior Queen of Caerleon, and there are few who would dare to challenge her. She is confident and at times aggressive, her sword skills are unrivalled and many of the male members of her forces would not dare to challenge her.

Her life is that of the warrior and she lives by the warrior code of honor, she is the eldest of her sisters and in many ways the head of the family. Scarlet lives for the plotting and ordering of her troops, most of days are spent in the war room at her castle where she knows every player on the board and what all their strengths and weaknesses are, she is meticulous in her approach to everything and leaves no stone unturned in the way that she plans.

Her humor is bountyfull and she is quick to crack jokes to raise morale, her temper is fierce and those who have crossed her have suffered at the end of her blade. With all that in mind she is a caring and loving mother, although some could say she has at times been hard on her eldest daughter Jett. In her mind Jett had to be trained and Scarlet feels that although her training of Jett was relentless, at the end of the day, Jett would see it and thank her.

Scarlet is closest to her Mother Opal, who she sees more of than her two sisters, there is without doubt a bond of great strength between them, and from it Scarlet has gained great wisdom.