Born: Harewood Ross on Wye 1983

Parents: Morgan and Edwina Simmons.

Age: (2038) 55

Hair: Silvery grey, was once jet black.

Eyes: Pale blue, Half rimmed glasses.

Height: 5ft 9ins.

Build: Was once stocky.
At the age of sixteen Edward Simmons used his first name for the last time and entered into the service of the Duke of Gloucester. From that day onward as Boot boy, he became simply Simmons. Over the years he rose through the ranks of the household until he became the personal Butler of the Duke, and eventually he requested the role of Tutor and servant to Lord Brandon, the newly born son of the Duke.

Simmons in his many roles around the house became quite adept in many subjects as he served as his Lords main aid, learning about weapons and the affairs of state he had no idea of the role that would come to him when the Duke was killed and young Lord Brandon assumed the mantle of his father.

His skills and talents were quickly recognized by Robbie and his role changed as the grey haired old gentleman became a prominent advisor besides Lord Brandon in the Loxley camp.

There is much to Simmons to admire, his gentle manner and kind words spoke always with foresight and eloquence, are just one of his finest qualities, his ability to view the new world and make accurate observations with the past are a very admirable quality, of huge benefit to Robbie. He is a very accomplished tactician in which he has educated Brandon, but at the most basic of levels, Simmons is a kindly old respectful gent, with a big heart and a willingness to smile. It is hard not to grow very fond of him.
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