Born: Glantana Forest Nov 2nd 1998.

Parents: . John Kennedy and Lillian Wendy Forbes.

Age: (2038) 40

Hair: Short collar length, brown with slight grey.

Eyes: Dark brown.

Height: 6ft 3ins.

Build: Sturdy and strong.

                      Sinclair is a strong able and very intelligent man. He was raised by his historian father after his mother died when he was nine years old, and so was educated to the highest level. His father owned, and ran the large woodland estate, and so therefore Sinclair had the privilege of growing up outdoors, and learning the skills of those who worked the timber and the lands.

                      He was as free as bird, and when he first heard he was to share his life with the orphaned children of his father's oldest friend, he was not that keen. When Sinclair first met the timid dark haired fourteen year old girl, that was Rose, he soon changed his mind, as he found he had more in common with her than he ever thought possible. His life with the addition of Rose changed dramatically, and he found that he had with realising fallen very deeply in love with her, so much so, that when it came to her deciding to leave to return to Aberdeen, he proposed Marriage and went with her.

                      Sinclair has a very sharp mind, and a talent for strategy, alongside Rose planning her campaign he was the vital ingredient and she learned a great deal from watching how he would plan for every outcome. At the side of Rose, he became her champion providing her with the strong support she needed to face and fight the Knox Empire. At her side he was also her defender, ensuring those who would oppose her were quietly warned off, although quite gentle natured, he is a strong powerful man that few would wish to upset, a tactic that always worked in the favor of Rose.

                      Sinclair has a very good sense of humor, so much so that he would take aides with the Hooded Man to play a trick on Rose.

                       His love for Rose is deep and true, he gave up everything to by her side, and spends his entire working day beside her, she is the centre of his universe and it often shows. He is a man who commands a great deal of respect across all the Clans of the Scottish families, He is very skilled with weapons and has taken the responsibility from Rose to ensure all of the men and women within the town, are trained to the highest levels, although he does learn a few extra tricks, from the hooded man's Specialists.