Born: No Record of birth.

Parents: Unamed Vicar of Hope.

Age: (2038) Estimated at 60+

Hair: Hidden under habit.

Eyes: Dark brown.

Height: 4ft 11ins.

Build: Tiny and frail.

               Sister Mary of the House of good hope, may be tiny in stature, but she is a giant when it comes to heart. Her ever growing task of doing her best to defend and help the weak and the wounded would overwhelm most people. The small frail nun has the energy of ten as she does all in her power to save as many of the orphaned children as possible.

               Her convent walls carry the paintings of every child that has passed through the gates, and it is clear that she has tried her best to save thousands from the evil and brutal Cutter's. James and Hog owe her their lives as she raised them from children, when their parents were brutally murdered. The same can be said of Michelle and her sister, who arrived shortly after James and Hog left to find their fortunes. (stealing grain)

              A woman of great age, she has a vast knowledge of the world, and has a special knack of spotting the best and the worst in the people she meets. A loyal and devoted worshiper in the church where her deceased father was the Vicar, Mary preaches tolerance and kindness to all she meets.