Born: Caerleon Feb 3rd 2001.

Parents: Leenard and Opal Rimmer.

Age: (2038) 37

Hair: Long straight golden blonde.

Eyes: Jade green.

Height: 5ft 5ins.

Build: Slender and elegant.

Awaiting artwork.
Stephanie Lane has one of the most difficult jobs in Loxley, It her task to watch over and control her daughter Jade. Steph is the daughter of Leenard and she lives in the house next door to him with her daughters. All of them run the family business of making fabric and clothes as well as jewellery and a whole host of other things to decorate the house. The whole family are very well known on the local markets for their exacting high standards in all that they produce.

Steph appears calm and quite laid back, although she does have a wild side and a great sense of humor, hang her around her long enough and she will offer you some great advice and also have you smiling. Her greatest joy in life is her children, separated from her Husband she dotes on them and protects them at all costs, her relationship with both Rune and Jade is very close, and at times they behave more like sisters than mother and daughters.

Steph is very deep and insightful, qualities passed on to her by her father, little is known of her mother, although many say there are secrets there waiting to be discovered.