Todd Benson was born in the year 2020, in the area known as Foxholes near to Filey North Yorkshire. He has light mousey brown hair and dark piercing eyes, all of which has lead to him being given the nickname The Fox. His 5ft,10inch average build and ability to run fast and dart into cover and become unseen quickly helps to reinforce the nick name of Fox.

He is a very skilled leather worker, and makes all of the belts and weapons harness that the Outlaws wear to store their wide arsenal of weapons. On his first encounter with Blades, he addressed the problems of her fighting with swords and using a crossbow , which he remedied by making her a personally fitted set for her swords, that also had spring loaded cross bow pouches.

Todd joined the Outlaws when he was trying out a highly sprung new crossbow, unfortunately he was seen by the passing Marshals who tried to arrest him for possession of a weapon when they had banned all farm labourers from carrying them. Todd refused to go with them and used the bow to kill two of the Marshals as they attacked him with swords, he ran into the woods and met up with his fathers old friend Doc, who was on the run for poisoning a local  Cutter commander and his guards.

Todd wears an assortment of patched green and brown clothes. He tailored his pants so that during the hot summers, the lower legs of his trousers unbutton and creates a pair of shorts, his leather waistcoat is fitted with many pockets, in which he carries an assortment of close quarters weapons, and his most important tools.

His mind works fast, and he is very useful in a fast moving situation, as he can usually find the right tool for the right job no matter what the problem
When Todd finds out that Blades has volunteered to enter the Black City at Scarborough to aid Lee, he instantly asks to be the Outlaw member chosen to help them, as he is fascinated by Blades and wants to get to know her better, he was not aware she was going to be accompanied by her father Mad Harry. In order to improve his chances of being noticed by Blades, he talks Woody into joining in with him.

Harry and Todd make great friends and working partners, it is Harry who gets Todd accepted as a member of the Specialists, and lets everyone in on his Outlaw nickname, to which the group name him Fox.
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