Woody at 6 foot and four inches, is as tall and as thin as a bean pole. He long arms and legs that give him a gangly appearance. He looks and feels awkward in all that he does, especially as he tends to dress in thick woolens and heavy hand woven fabrics (it is rumoured they were made for him by his mother)

His father died when he was a small child, and he was raised by his mother in the isolation of the high hills of Cumbria, when he was taught by her to tend his father's sheep and continue to raise the heard. He has an uncanny affinity with animals, which can only be put down to the fact that he grew up with no friends and had only the animals for companionship.

He fights using his long crooked pole, which is the tool of his trade, and he is very able at protecting himself. Woody is not the most world wise, but he he has vast knowledge of the fells where he lives and although he has not had the benefit of a formal education, he is still very intelligent.

Woody is without doubt a man's man, he will talk away for any amount of time on most subjects as long as he is surrounded by men, He has low tolerance for alcohol, which again fuels his conversational abilities. Around women he is incredibly shy and nervous, most women terrify him and around them he will become tongue tied and clumsy, which has the result of endearing him to them to a point where they all feel they want to mother him, a true recipe for disaster.

Amethyst finds him adorable, the fact he is 30 and not married fascinates her and because he constantly has accidents around her, she feels more and more she wants to protect him. It is a difficult situation for Woody as she is incredibly beautiful.
          He hates injustice and will go to the aid of any who are in need, although he can be very accident prone, and even with the best of intentions, Woody can end end the one being helped. His best friend is his sheep dog Bess (named after his mother) Wherever he goes she remains at his side and will curl up close to him at night to help provide both of them with warmth.

Harry takes a liking to Woody, the fact that Woody only ever see things in the short term allows him to point out the workings of the greater cosmos, which Woody will politely listen to without understanding a word of it. 
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