Born: Loxley March 2nd 2021.

Parents: John and Elizabeth Loxley.

Age: (2038) 17

Hair: Bushy long wiry light brown.

Eyes: Pale Blue.

Height: 5ft 6ins.

Build: Slim to medium build.

Alice is Robbie's cousin, who lives on the farm in the second large farmhouse across the yard from his. Like all of the Lox family, she works in the daily running of the farm, and assists her mother with the planning of field rotations, as well as helping out in the greenhouses with Jess. Alice is very highly regarded for her knowledge of Herbs and their uses. Although Leenard if often sought as the medic of the stockade, Alice harbors a far superior talent when it comes to cures.

Alice and Robbie are very close, mainly due to the fact that they have grown up together side by side, Alice does spend most of her time at Robbie's kitchen table. Alice is happy go lucky, and a fountain of knowledge, she reads anything she can get her hands on and in many cases can talk with authority on many things, a reason why Robbie will always ask her advice.

When it comes to shooting the longbow, she is no slouch and can at times rival Robbie, that are few who can match them as a pair, Alice is very homely, but can on occasion show a little of fathers wilder side, all the men know she can when it suits handle a mug in the tavern with the best of them, although she often pays the price the following day.
Alice Lox artwork provided by Rin Morgan © 2012 All rights reserved HTTK Robin John Morgan.