The figure dressed in long white robes with a hood drawn over its face turned from looking across the water, and faced the grey haired figure of Jake Lox. "My father has seen the great magic in this place woodsman. He has sent me here, for he has seen that the one created here, will carry the lines of the future, You line is noble woodsman." Jake watched with dark eyes, in his worn lined face.

   "This land has always been special, and has been protected by my family for many generations My Lady of the Woods." The white hood that hid her face twitched as she gave a slight nod of understanding.

   "Your land will face a great darkness that will drive from the south woodsman. Now is the time of preparation, for you must secure this place and keep it safe at all costs. Go out into the wilds and gather together all who have the skills to aid you and those that will come, for it will be from the seed sown in this place, that the world will start anew."
John Lox
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