Beavis is a mountain of a man. He is tall, broad and very muscular. He is the leader of the group, who have become renown in the woodlands just south of the Black City at Scarborough. He was chosen to lead the group mainly because of his strength, as when it comes to matters of life, he is not the most educated man.

In matters of survival and living in the woodland, very few can match his skills, and it has been his skills of leading the notorious bunch through the wide open spaces and deep woodland, that has kept all of them alive.

Ox (as he prefers to be called) has a mass of thick black tangled hair, matched only by his thick busy beard. Its hard to tell where his face starts and finishes due to the mass of growth, which also contains ample amounts of dried beer and grease from his food.

His eyes are very dark and shine with life, as they peer out from his tangled growth, very few will take the time to notice, although Runestone does, and she sees the deep concern and love he holds for the safety and welfare of his band of rough outlaws.

The group were named the outlaws after they all found each other in the wilds and banded together for survival, when one member asked if they should be given a name as a group, Ox grunted "We are outlaws, nowt more than that." The name stuck.

His clothes are patched and mended from the endless amounts of repairs, living in the woodland is not easy, although tearing a peice of a dead Cutters shirt does provide ideal patching material.
               It is rumoured that his real name is Beavis Shufflebottom, and that he in fact the son of the Blacksmith at Whitby, although the Blacksmith has repeatedly denied it. It is known that he was outlawed when he picked up a sheep at the local market and walked off with it, the soldiers caught him and he was imprisoned. Unfortunately he was contained in a log building and escaped by kicking down the wall and killing eight of the soldiers guarding him at the time. He escaped with two petty criminals at the time known as The Rigger and his younger sister The Dove, both of whom have become trusted friends and members of the Outlaws.

He may lack education, but he is good at negotiation, or at least he thinks he is and so do his men, it is the fast thinking of Ox that wins all of his group a new pair of boots and a new hooded cloak each when he firsts meets up with the hooded man, something he mentions a lot and feels a good deal of pride over. Ox has a weakness for pretty looking women, although he realises because of his scruffy condition and unattractive looks, he has little chance's of love in his life. Whenever there are women around he becomes almost bashful, and will address them with the utmost respect. He demands that his group show respect at all times, and will not tolerate bad treatment of women, some of his more violent moments have been directed towards Cutters.