The Hooded Man discovers the notorious group, known to Mason Knox quite by chance when he asks Lee Sherman to lead him inside the Black walled city at Scarborough. His first meeting with their leader Beavis, or Ox as he prefers leads him to striking up a deal, where the outlaws come and work for him, for the price of a new pair of boots and a new cloak each.

                       The outlaws gained their name simply when one of them asked if the group had a name, Ox replied; "We are Outlaws simply that," and the name seemed to stick, the group of Fifty strong are rough, smelly and some of the best woodsmen Jade has ever met. Entry to the group requires only thing, you must have a price on your head. When Mason Knox landed in Scarborough to begin the process of building a port on the eastern side of the country, it was this rough bunch who decided to make life harder for him. They attack his supply trains and create havoc within the walls by supplying arms to the workers to allow them the chance to fight back from the inside. Rune is very fond of them and refers to them as "The Boys" and stating how sweet she thinks they are, the truth be told all of them adore her, and she is the reason they fight for the Hooded Man.
Robin John Morgan  © 2009
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