Born: Unknown, March 2020.

Parents: Arnold and Kate of Avalon.

Age: (2038) 18

Hair: Long curly golden blonde.

Eyes: Blue.

Height: 6ft.

Build: Muscular.
Billy Lives on the Lox farm estate as the adopted son of Jessica and Robert Lox. His parents were brutally murdered when he was a young boy by the Cutter's, the vicious and sadistic group of ruffians in the employ of Mason Knox.

Billy ran away from his cruel uncle, and after losing his way in the bad blizzards of Derbyshire, he was found freezing to death by Jessie Lox and brought to the farm where he has lived ever since. In every way Billy is to Robbie, his brother. They do most things together including working on the Farm and also slipping over the wall to hunt in the huge forest that surrounds the stockade of Loxley.

When Robbie is charged with the tasks of his destiny, it is no coincidence that Billy is the first person that Robbie turns to for support. Billy is very much taken by Alice (Robbie's) cousin, Alice is very much in love with Billy, which helps bond the group of four together strongly, as Alice is also on of Rune's best friends, the core of two couples form the first group that will later become the specialists of Loxley. On his sixteenth birthday Robbie is given a silver lion with diamonds for eyes, it one of the only two possessions that Billy has from his past and it is a mighty gift, but also a symbol of the strength of their kinship, the other pendant worn by Billy is a golden dragon.