Born: Delf, Saddleworth. 2022

Parents: Harold Loxley and Susan Mary Fields.

Age: (2038) 16

Hair: Very short spiky bleached white.

Eyes: Pale blue.

Height: 5ft 6ins.

Build: Slender and toned athletic.
Kate is without doubt the focus of her dad's attention. The child of half Japanese Susan Fields, Kate now lives alone sharing her time with her father Harry who visits her regularly and spends most of his time in secret with her.

Her nickname is Blades, mainly because like her father she is very accomplished in kendo, and has great skills with the Samurai Sword. Taught by her mother from an early age, Blades excels at martial arts, she is also a lover of water and is at her happiest swimming.

Kate is quiet and reflective girl, who also carried a deep hidden sadness, known only by her father. She hides it well behind her smile and her bright nature. Blades is popular with all the women and girls, mainly due to her easy going nature, and the fact she is always the first to smile and giggle at her father's neurotic behavior.

Her weakest ability is her cooking, she has quite a reputation for boiling things to death and most of her meals end up as a bland tasteless pulp, she draws quite a crowd when she sits next to the cooking pot as all the women offer her advice and try to prevent her destroying their meal, although Blades sees this as just the good nature of her friends who are always ready to help out.

Being Harry's daughter has its advantages, and in his bid to equip his daughter for life, she has become as accomplished with the workings of electrics as he has. She is also a very talented bike rider and loves nothing more than racing with her dad round the moorland of Saddleworth. In her barn is the remnants of a Harley Davidson, which she intends to restore when her Dad can find the right parts

Blades artwork provided by Rin Morgan © 2010 All rights reserved HTTK Robin John Morgan.