It may just save your life in the woodlands
Ablebowmen of Loxley 

     This is the symbol of your Lord of Loxley and his close private guard. Honour and respect must be shown to the wearer of this badge at all time.
Failure to do so will be severe.
    The Bowmen of Loxley

All accomplished Bowmen of Loxley bare this crest, they are easily spotted by their Lincoln green cloaks.

These are our front line units.
       Woodsmen of Loxley

The Woodsmen of this area are renown throughout this country, they are easily distinguished by their light brown cloaks. In combat watch them and learn from them, the skills they have learned will save your life.
  Armsmen of Loxley

The toughest and the most skilled with swords are invited into this command. The green leaves of pride are only given, after a service of dedication and loyalty has been served with other units. Strive to do your best to be invited.
Gatesmen of Loxley (defenders of our home)

        Through hail,rain, sleet, and snow, your men on the gates watch the roads and walls 24 hours a day. Be courteous and respectful at all times, as these are the very people who will protect all you hold dear.
Security is paramount, breaches of the rules will be severely dealt with.
Lady of Loxley Ceremonial Emblem

Your first lady of Loxley will use this emblem when on official duty to this realm.
Be safe
learn to identify those who protect you
This poster was provided by the Grandmaster of the Fellowship of Bowmen to raise public awareness. 
Friendly forces
New Avon