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The Countess of Darkness
Uther Pendragon wanted Igraine of Cornwall for himself, for his bed and as his trophy. With the aid of his wizard’s magic, he entered Tintagel and slept with his enemies Queen. Merlin fooled everyone, using his gifts to change Uther’s appearance, well, almost everyone…

At four years of age, Morgana of Cornwall saw through the deception of Merlin, and the magic he had woven around Uther. In the following days to come, Morgana learnt of her fathers death, watched Uther take control of her father’s castle, claim her mother, and demand she call him ‘Father,’ something she refused to do.

Morgana grew up feeling alone, isolated, and heartbroken, as she learned to take care of herself, and live out her lonely existence in the castle. Until one day she was visited by the Lady Raven, and learned the truth of the line of Berengar, and her Fae roots. That was the day she began her journey, one which would lead to her becoming the Countess of Darkness.

A beautiful and brilliant story of light and dark, that shows the greed of the powerful, and the power of kindness. A twisting tale of a young girl’s fight to be accepted, and free. A powerful, and heart wrenching read by Robin John Morgan, author of Heirs to the Kingdom, Rise of the Raven, the Curio Chronicles and Han’s Cottage