Brian John Murray was a practitioner of herbal medicines and cures at Scarborough before Mason Knox arrived. When his troops moved in and took everyone prisoner, he fled into the woodlands and ran straight into Rigger.

The news that an army was taking over and killing most of the men came a big surprise to the group, but Doc was calm and rational and spotted the chance to even up the score. Ox liked the idea of payback, and so began the long battle between Mason and the Outlaws as they hit everyone of his supply runs and freed up as many prisoners as they could.

Doc found a new home in the woods where all his supplies grew freely out of the floor, and he had a chance to practice again patching up the Outlaws and all of the workers they were able to free.

For Doc living the woodland life is a perfect way of being, dressed in a brown silk headband over his short hair and wearing round glasses made for him by Todd he enjoys walking round collecting new plants to dry out and store in the black leather bag, that always adorns his shoulder.

Doc is polite, witty and very well read, he has been taught well by the outlaws and handles a sword with great skill, he also no slouch with the bow of Yew he stole off a Cutter.

Doc is a old neighbour of Malcolm Prosper, and it is through Doc that the Outlaws help operate a system of supply of weapons to those held capyive behind the high cement walls of the City.