If you were to glance at this small 5ft 4inch young woman with white spiky hair and tight fitting clothes, it would be hard to conceive that the huge brute of a man stood beside her is her brother.

Denise Swain born threes years after Rigger, has no resemblance to her brother at all, and she shrugs it off with "I look like my mam, and he is a brute like my dad" for a comment. Although Dove as she prefers to be called, is small and slender, she does look more boyish than womanly, so much so that when Rune first encounters the group of Outlaws, she has no idea one of them is female.

Dressed in a brown round neck sued jacket, tight brown leather pants, with a black heavy knitted sleeve less top and a green scarf, Dove blends in nicely with all the group, which is how she prefers it. Being raised as the sister of Rigger, she was destined to grow up a tom boy.

Dove earned her name as she is fast and light on her feet,  for a woman she had very strong arms and can pull herself up and climb just about anything she sets her mind to. Dove has proved to be a very useful member of the group who can host herself up on to a window ledge and balance without a sound, a very useful skill when you need to steal arms and food for the survival of the group. I is also very useful when members of the group have been caught and need to be rescued, on several occasions she has hung from a gutter and moved silently along to gain entry into a building to let in the others.

Within the group she is very natural, and will laugh and sing without care, she is fast witted and funny, and several of the group are aware that teasing her can bring on a verbal attack that will make fun of every aspect of their clothes and manner, much to the amusement of the rest of the group.