New for September 2022, From Robin John Morgan

An Enchanting, Magical Fantasy Story.

Han's Cottage
Writing Hanís Cottage for me personally, was a special experience, that was close to my heart. This book was written with a lot of pauses for thought and consideration, and it was a slow process over many years. I would write a chapter, and then think deeply and carefully before moving on, and in between I worked on Kingdom and the Curio stories. I have been lucky in my life to have had a position where I could talk to a great many people, and those experiences have always helped with the words I put down in my stories, but when it came to Hanís Cottage, I took a more internal approach, as I looked into those experiences in my life, that had affected me very deeply.

Writing from experience is an authorís greatest tool, which is possibly why this book feels far more personal to me, as I have used a few moments from my own life in the writing of the character Emily. I wanted the book to not only address certain aspects of dealing with grief, loss and the loneliness associated with it, I also wanted to share the optimism, of what can grow from understanding ourselves in those dark moments, and in doing so, discover the light.

It is my hope, that this book will captivate and enchant those who read it, and if it does, I would ask you to share your love of this story with others you know, so that the positives of these words, may reverberate with many.

The synopsis of the book if you are considering reading it, is below.

Emily Montgomery Duncan lost her mother at age four, her father fell apart, Emily ended up at boarding school. In her holidays, she came home to her Grandma Hanna and the only real home she ever knew. Shortly before her 21st birthday, the call came, Han, had passed away and her whole world collapsed.

Shortly after the funeral, Emily discovers she has inherited the cottage and all the land around, not her aunt, as she expected, but the thought of living in the cottage without Han, is so unbearable, she spends a year, lost, alone, and torn into pieces, as her uncle constantly tries to push her into selling the cottage and all the land to him, driving her to breaking point.

In a moment of anger, supported by her best friend Shelly, Emily decides to return, and as she confronts her life without Han, she discovers, Han had a very secret life, one she could never imagine.

What follows, is an enchanting, magical fantasy story, of wonder and beauty, as Robin John Morgan, has created a delightful Fairy Story for Grownups, that looks at life, loss, and the magic that surrounds all of us, in a thrilling and captivating way that is a joy to read. An amazing book, from the Author of Heirs to the Kingdom, Rise of the Raven, and The Curio Chronicles.
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September 19th 2022