Born: Loxley, 1998

Parents: Jake and Alison Loxley.

Age: (2038) 40

Hair: Long slightly wavy brown.

Eyes: Dark brown.

Height: 6ft 2ins.

Build: Tall lean and strong.
The only way to describe Harry, is Harryish. The Uncle of Robbie, is a law unto himself, he sees the world in a way that would more than likely freak everyone out. He is obsessed with all things electrical, and loves Motorbikes above everything else. His time is spent scouring the country looking for old scrap bikes that he can strip down and use as parts to build new bikes. They run on a mixture of rape seed oil and moonshine, something his best friend in the world, Joe the woodsman brews deep in the heart of Loxley Woods.

Most people think Harry is bonkers, and one has to consider his sanity carefully, but he is loved and adored by all of the women, of which Harry has built a considerable reputation over the years. He is very much a loner, as his best friend Pete is lost to him and imprisoned, and his days at Loxley can be spent remembering old times, which stirs him deeply, so he resorts to drinking Joe's moonshine to hide his inner pain.

Anything weird or frightening in Harry's world is "not cosmic" and his days are spent building his Karma and chillin his vibes. He is the master of the twin blades of the samurai, with which he fights with wild aggression. Many run in fear when they see him draw those blades, as he will win and not many will stand for long before him. There is only one rule with Harry and it is worth remembering, Whatever may happen, and no matter what deeds have to be done, you must never ever mention the dead. Although this is any area he suffers more in due to the fact that Jade and Jett find out about his fear, around them his Vibes get permanently jangled as they find endless ways to freak him out.

Quite a stir is created when Harry reveals he has a 16yrs old daughter called Kate, or as he has nicknamed her Blades. His devotion to his daughter shows yet another side to Harry who protects her fiercely, especially around the younger members of the group such as Eric. As with all things he does at times go over the top with his feelings towards her, luckily she understands him better than most and tolerates it with a shrug.

The arrival of his Old Girlfriend adds to the mix as most of the members of Loxley begin to see harry in a new light, as Maggs appears to be even more bonkers than him.
Harry Artwork provided by Rin Morgan © All rights reserved HTTK Robin John Morgan